These are some of the companies that endorse our experience

Company: Teléfonica Peru
Project: Solaris Configuration, Tuning and Implementation for the
Altamira Platform

Company: Digicel, Jamaica
Project: Thin Client Implementation

Company: SETAR, Aruba
Project:Consolidation, Backline Support, Datacenter Viability Study

Company: ACP, Panama
Project: Geo-Cluster Implementation & Certification

Company: Transurbano, Guatemala
Project: Smart City Solution – Transportation Efficiency

Company: Tuckers Point, Bermuda
Project: Thin Client Infrastructure Implementation

Company: OmniGraphics Argentina S.A.
Project: Mail System Migration

Company: Shap S.A.
Project: Database Implementation

Company: La Nación Club
Project: Massive Email Service to Customers

Company: Fundaleu S.A.
Project: Systems Consolidation

Company: Anuntis Segundamano Argentina S.A.
Project: Security Systems Migration

Company: Longvie S.A.
Project: Mail & Security Systems Migration & Implementation

Company: Telecom Personal S.A.
Project: Project Management  & Development

Company: ICBC
Project: Oracle Exadata & Database Implementation

Company: Caja Nacional de Valores S.A.
Project: Backup Implementation

Company: Oi Internet.
Project: Private Cloud, 350k Users Migration from Gmail & Email System Implementation (Oracle)

Company: Datran Media Inc.
Project: Massive Email System Implementation

Company: Spirevision Inc.
Project: Microsoft Exchange Implementation Service